Advanced soil hardening technology !

Soil hardening technology by TS additive

Diverse applications

Environment protect

Sustainable use

Effective investment

TS soil hardening additive

Diverse applications !

TS soil hardening additive can be applied in various fields such as roads, container yard grounds, dykes for irrigation, production of non-burnt building materials …

Environment protect !

Rural roads with soil hardening technology by TS additive can completely use the material in place, not affect the environment.

Sustainable use !

The application of soil hardening technology with TS additives has a long life span of up to 50 years.

Effective investment !

Application of soil hardening technology with TS additives reduces the cost compare to traditional technology from 30 to 50%.

Soil hardening technology

Soil hardening technology used under the mechanism: an additive will be added to the soil to remove the swelling of the soil clay.  At the same time, the additive also changes the physical properties of the soil, then the soil turns into solid particles of higher stiffness than normal particles and is able to bind tightly to inorganic binder like lime, cement to form a solid, block structure and stable in water.


  1. Used to reinforce the types of soil used for the A1 and A2 roadbed, the A2 road foundation or B1, B2 low-level surface layer.
  2. Used instead of emulsion for material recycling on site for old damaged roads that need upgrading.
  3. Used to reinforce weak ground, mud bags on site according to the whole block technology at a depth of 2 to 3 meters.
  4. Used for irrigation works: waterproofing for the system, dyke, anti-landslide of the embankment, strengthening the surface of dykes for road…
  5. Used to reinforce the foundations of container port yard, the yard floor in industrial parks, factories.
  6. Production of non-baked building materials.

Certificate of Confomity

Certificate of conformity No.: 2521-CN, 25th May 2021 of Institute of Science and High Technology Applied allocate TS specialty additives (TS additives) manufactured by TS Polymer Co., Ltd conform to:

  • TCVN 10379:2014
  • TCNV 13150-1:2020

Type of product certification systems:

System No. 1 according to Circular No. 05/2017/TT-BKHCN, 28th August 2017.

TS Additive Inventor

Mr. Nguyen Dang Hung is a senior expert of Aviation Science and Technology Institute. He is one of the leading experts in the application of soil hardening technology for rural roads, roads for projects, production of unbaked bricks as well as reinforcement of warehouse systems, yards

With more than 20 years of experience in the application of adhesive additives imported from advanced countries in the world such as SA44/LS40 (United States), RRP (Germany), Consolid (Switzerland), DB500 (USA), DZ33 (USA)… the road has given him a solid knowledge of adhesion as well as construction technology to exploit the most effective of each type of additive with each type of land at the place of construction.

  • Design consultancy

    Design consultants, estimate construction by soil hardening technology using TS additive.

  • Construction

    Completion of rural road construction works using soil hardening technology by TS additive.

  • Technical guidance

    Direct technical instruction at the construction site to ensure the best construction process and works of the best quality.

  • Construction supervision

    Construction supervision at the request of the investor according to the design dossiers and the approved construction standards.

Video, picture at the works

Road stabilization methods, regeneration in place by Sakai PM550 stabilizer in Lang Son.

Technology for making roads
use TS additive

  • Use with all materials on site.

    Non-Exclusivity – This technology can be used with all materials on site (Hilly land, Rocky soil, sandy soil, base…)

  • Stable in water.

    Reinforced roadbed using TS in conjunction with cement achieved the standards of high water stability.

  • According to road standards.

    Once the roadbed is stable, the standard of non-settling, non-cracking, non-break on road surface during using will be met.

  • Harmonize the surrounding area.

    There is no change in the altitude of the existing road that affects the other projects on the roadsides.

  • Environmental safety.

    The construction does not pollute, obstruct the traffic and living of local residents.

  • Rapid Installation.

    Fast execution speed (300m complete a day – 500m road with 4m width).

  • Low Cost- Price is cheaper than traditional technology.

    Price and economic more efficiency practical road-building solution from 30 – 50%.

  • High quality.

    The quality of reinforced roadbed is relatively homogeneous (in the compressive strength and elastic modulus)

Contact for direct consultation

For more information and advice on technology, construction, please contact:


  • Technology: 0934 225 235 (Mr. Dang Hung).
  • Contruction: 0916 397 938 (Mr. Quoc Anh).


TS Additive

Advanced soil hardening technology !


35 projects implemented
15 provinces, cities applied
180 km constructed
28 trust investors