Constructing the yard of Lao Cai metal smelter factory project.

In 2014, TS additive combined with 4% Cement was put into constructing the yard of Lao Cai metal smelter factory.

Scale: 3,000 m2, thickness of reinforced layer 25cm, load capacity 3,000kg/m2.

  • Investor:
    Tu Dinh Company Limited.
  • Contractor:
    TS Polymer Ltd. Company.

Project details:


Tu Dinh Limited Company.

Technology direction:
Mr. Nguyen Dang Hung.

Construction supervision:
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh.

TS Polymer.

Project detail
  • Scale: 3,000 m2.
  • Layer thickness 25cm.
  • Load capacity of 3,000kg/m2.
Completion time

Construction and completion time:

Year 2014.