Typical Projects

Advanced soil hardening technology !

Typical projects:

Video, picture at the works:

Road stabilization methods, regeneration in site by Sakai PM550 stabilizer in Lang Son.

Technology of using TS additive for rural roads in Yen Thanh, Nghe An.

Sakai PM550 road stabilizer construction vehicle.

TS soil hardening additive

Diverse applications !

TS soil hardening additive can be applied in various fields such as roads, container yard grounds, dykes for irrigation, production of non-burnt building materials…

Environment protect !

Rural roads with soil hardening technology by TS additive can completely use the material in place, not affect the environment.

Sustainable use !

The application of soil hardening technology with TS additives has a long life span of up to 50 years.

Effective investment !

Application of soil hardening technology with TS additives reduces the cost compare to traditional technology from 30 to 50%.

35 projects implemented
15 provinces, cities applied
180 km constructed
28 trust investors